Pre-sale is starting in :

TOM Pre-sale Processing

1% completed ...

750 of 500,000 TOM was sold

How to buy TOM

Step 1

First, you should have your own Ethereum wallet ( guide to create wallet is here) or Bitcoin wallet ( open new account in here). Then you should send ETH/BTC to our address to purchase TOM :

Our ETH address : 0x7525bCC4aDC61F0Bc3845B7cb3BA8522935d3394

Exchange rate : 1 ETH = 400 TOM

Minimum purchase is: 10 TOM = 0.025 ETH

Maximum purchase is: 10,000 TOM = 25 ETH


Our BTC address : 165UN3h1YSm5axD9sENcfQzJcBvMJRMvPq

(update rate soon)

After you sent ETH/BTC, you have to get the "Txhash" of your transaction (how to check Txhash in here)

Note : We will pay TOM to your address that you sent ETH/BTC to our address (so you should not send ETH/BTC from address of exchange broker, let send from your own wallet that i have full control)

Step 2

Please fill all information about your transaction you made via form below:

Verify Your Transaction



Transaction purchase

Amount of Deposit

in Pre-sale, Bonus +50% : 1 ETH = 600 TOM

Amount of purchase

Step 3

How to add TOM on your wallet

In your myetherwallet account, click on button "Add custom " with information below :

- Address contact : 0x7b7e5D448B8E1dAaB71eEe0bd828D2798Cfa4Ae8

- Symbol : TOM

- Decimal : 18

And you can see your TOM in balance now.